The coffee plant

Kaffeepflanze Kaffanero

Coffee bushes grow up to four meters tall and are only found in the wild in Ethiopia. The bushes bear fruit that we call coffee cherries. Coffee beans are the seeds of these cherries. Unlike local cherries, the kernel consists of two parts or two coffee beans, which are covered by a silver skin and a parchment skin.

Coffea arabica, also known as Arabica for short, grows best at higher altitudes of 900 to 1800 meters. Compared to the Robusta coffee plant, it grows more slowly and therefore manages to develop a strong and concentrated aroma. However, the cherries have a lower caffeine content than the offea canephora, also known as Robusta for short.

coffee plant

Robusta coffee is mainly grown in lowlands. The plant species is less susceptible to disease, heat and high humidity. The name Robusta developed over time from these properties. In addition, the Robusta plant produces more fruit than the Arabica plant, which also ripens more quickly. The caffeine content is two to four percent, about twice as high as in Arabica coffee.

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