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Kaffanero Coffee Roastery
Jagdweg 1-3 (entrance Rosenstraße 92) | 01159 Dresden

Monday - Friday
10:00 - 18:00

Telephone: 0351 – 48618818
Email: info@kaffanero.de

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KARL - Coffee made with pure passion

The hummingbird is the smallest bird species in the world. This special, beautiful bird is a master of technology and as busy as a bee.

The Mayans and Aztecs saw in him a symbol of the sun and love, but also a connoisseur of magic and opener of hearts.

Because of its meaning and the characteristics it represents, we decided to incorporate it into our logo. In its depiction, it has a coffee bean as its body and a dynamic, forward-facing posture. A logo that optimally reflects the exceptional taste and the loving, traditional way of working of our Dresden coffee.

Artisanal roasting pleasure

Our philosophy

​In our family-run roastery, we use the traditional gentle roasting process to achieve the very best taste from our coffee beans.

The gentle roasting of the coffee beans allows the individual aromas of the beans to develop optimally. At the same time, bitter substances are broken down in the form of chlorogenic acid. This gives our coffee a pleasant and particularly mild taste.

You can learn more about our craft at one of our events, where you can not only gain a wealth of information but also take part in a live roasting of the coffee and better understand the development of the coffee bean.