Insulated Jug 1.25 liters - KBGT Moccamaster

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Moccamaster vacuum jug* made of stainless steel including two lids

Compatible with all current and older KBGT and KBT models.

Scope of delivery:

  • Insulated jug volume of 1.25 liters
  • Lid with mixing tube: suitable for brewing and serving
  • Transport cap, for transporting the coffee

*Not suitable for dishwashers

Hot coffee for up to 8 hours

The inner bottle of the insulated jug is made of glass, so the coffee maintains a temperature of 80 degrees for up to 3 hours , after 5 hours the coffee still has a temperature of up to 75 degrees and after 8 hours even 50 degrees .

Cleanliness & Cleaning

The optimized pourer of the insulated jug enables precise and almost accident-free pouring.

The jug can be cleaned quickly and easily with water and detergent.