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Brown Sugar - Apricot

Now try a light, mild cup profile with pleasant fruity notes of apricot and brown sugar. The Incas in Peru grow coffee without any chemicals and purely on the basis of natural fertilizers and pesticides. The careful handling of the soil, coffee plants and nature ensures the pleasantly mild coffee taste with a sweet note.

Our coffee of the month from Peru is ideal for all filtered preparation methods. Roasted as an omniroast, it can also be prepared using pressure - we enjoy it best when prepared as a filter coffee with our Moccamaster filter coffee machine.

Type: 100% Arabica
Country of origin: Peru
Roasting level: medium

Weight: 250 g
Grinding degree: Whole bean

The coffee of the Incas from Peru

A mild, sweet cup profile with pleasant fruity notes

Organically and sustainably grown, the Incas from Peru ensure that their coffee has a mild, slightly sweet cup profile with a pleasant fruity note of apricot.

Roasted as an Omniroast, a subtle note of brown sugar rounds off the cup profile and ensures a delicious coffee experience.

Perfect as a filter coffee or a pleasantly sweet espresso when prepared using pressure (fully automatic machine, portafilter, Bialetti / stovetop kettle).


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